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I purchased your Diamond finish a few months ago for my car. I just wanted to express my satisfaction with the product. It worked as advertised, if not better. Aside from the benefits to the finish, ease of cleaning and simple application it very likely may have saved my life this past weekend. My wipers failed to function during very heavy rainfall on the Ohio Turnpike at highway speeds. Had it not been for the water repellent properties of the product, seeing anything well enough to judge position and distance to get off the road would have been much more difficult and certainly more threatening to my safety and others. Thank you for a product that delivers as advertised and functions at a much higher level.

Matt Leske - Ohio

Lambotghini Sydney
Lamborghini Sydney Endorses Permanon

Lamborghini Sydney only uses the highest standard of products on their prestigious vehicles. Therefore Permanon Supershine is their product of choice. Lamborghini Sydney endorses Permanon coatings with an official reference.

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Permanon is a brilliant 21st century surface protection that eliminates the need for buffing or polishing and is conveniently sold as a concentrate so that you buy less water and more protection.  Permanon utilizes waterborne nano-engineered particles of Silicium (14Si) that electrostatically bond to the surface being protected.  There is no chemical or mechanical action to damage, or alter, the surface you are protecting. Permanon is designed to protect polyurethane topcoats and other solid surfaces such as glass, FRP, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, finished leather, granite, varnish, enamel, and solid surface products.  Permanon protection will outlast any wax or oil based renewable surface protection and comes specially formulated for Aircraft, Yachts, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Interiors, Pool & Spas, and Glass

New Permanon Coverage Chart

Permanon Coverage Chart

Check out the new Permanon coverage chart. This chart was developed to give an approximate coverage potential of Permanon once deluted. These coverage calculations are based on a properly trained person using proper equipment. These values can vary from user to user and cannot be guaranteed from Permanon, Permanon USA or any of their business partners.

Full Coverage Chart

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